Welcome to CaliforniaJusticeAlliance.com

A private law corporation, helping defendants in California ADA lawsuits

California Justice Alliance, APC (A Professional Corporation), is a private law firm which is not open to the public and takes cases, if at all, by invitation only. CJA and its associates have assisted defendants in over 1200 ADA/accessibility lawsuits throughout the United States, most of them in California.

Prospective clients, and consultations: CJA is different from most other lawfirms and there is a good chance we will not provide assistance with your case; therefore, you should not delay in conferring with other qualified attorneys who will more likely be in a position to provide assistance. Click here for some of the considerations relevant to past representations.

Guidance for Attorneys: If you are an attorney seeking guidance in dealing with an ADA/accessibility lawsuit you’ve undertaken, please click here.

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