Gotti v. Pinnock

16 December 2015: California Supreme Court, re: Gotti v. Pinnock

The PDF below shows that the California Supreme Court declined to consider the petition for review of disbarred attorney Theodore A. Pinnock (believed to be one of the largest filers of ADA/access lawsuits in history). In short, a former client of Pinnock & Wakefield, APC, discovered that they had filed over 240 lawsuits in her name and sought money damages for conditions which would never have been a problem for her (such as a claimed failure to provide Braille and/or wheelchair accessibility) against many places she’d never been or desired to go. Mr. Pinnock was disbarred based in substantial part on the information presented in this case (and also in re Wyatt, discussed below), and each of the parties providing information to the State Bar and courts were represented by Attorney David Warren Peters. The two California Court of Appeals decisions are provided at right, as is the stipulation for disbarment with the State Bar of California.

Plaintiff’s counsel: David Warren Peters

Defense counsel: Theodore A. Pinnock (disbarred), David C. Wakefield, Pinnock & Wakefield, APC

While no attorney associated with CJA (including without limitation David Peters) was involved in the California State Bar’s case against now-disbarred Theodore A. Pinnock, information about Noni Gotti (his former client) is included in the stipulation for Mr. Pinnock’s disbarment, which is downloadable from the link below.

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