Hubbard v. Plaza Bonita

In Hubbard v. Plaza Bonita, an attorney who had filed a very large number of ADA/accessibility lawsuits throughout California caused a number of settlement agreements to appear to have been signed by the Plaintiff, who had in fact passed away some weeks before such documents were prepared. Some of the Court’s conclusions can be viewed in the 13 June 2011 order downloadable from the link below.

The Court imposed monetary sanctions (which were later reduced to approximately $49,056.05), among other things, and explained its reasoning in the 27 November 2012 order downloadable from the link below:

See also the 25 July 2013 order downloadable from the link below:

See the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision with regard to the appeal in this matter, which is downloadable from the link below:

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review this case, as reflected in the letter downloadable from the link below:

More information about this case may be available in the files of the various courts mentioned above. Not all documents or information which may be relevant to any of the cases discussed above are included herewith, and information from these or any other cases may be necessary for full, correct and complete understanding of all relevant issues. Many people have similar names, so it is imperative to ensure that anyone with whom you are dealing is in fact one of the persons mentioned above.

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