Kohler v. CLK

18 May 2016: United States District Court, Central District of California, re: Kohler v. CLK

In this case, CJA represented the defendant and made a motion to dismiss on the basis that a recent comprehensive renovation resulted in no conditions in the public areas being subject to claims of noncompliance with the ADA. The plaintiff’s attorney represented that he needed to inspect the property and depose defendant’s expert, but ultimately never did that, so the Court dismissed the case for lack of prosecution, as reflected in the PDF order downloadable from the link below. We believe plaintiff’s expert visited the property and concluded that little if any credible evidence in opposition to the motion could be produced.

Plaintiff’s counsel: Lynn Hubbard, III, and Scottlynn Hubbard, IV, of the Disabled Advocacy Group, APLC

Defense counsel: David Warren Peters

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